Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's a Dog's Life: 10 Things about Xena

by Xena
© Carrie Boyko
Xena Savors her Treats
I know. We just finished telling you that we're not planning to get too organized. After we hit the publish button on the last post, we had a staff meeting: me, Tanner and Oliver--the little guy. The three of us decided that we should probably tell you a little about each of us. We gonna write our own, so don't expect anything too much like a profile. Tanner's will probably talk about his fetch toys! Here goes:

10 Things About Xena:
  • I am 1 of a litter of 8 puppies from a Golden Retriever momma who had a oopsie with a Lab/Chow daddy. I was adopted at a "Rescue Day" at a local pet superstore.
  • They call me a senior citizen because I'm old. I was born in 1996. You do the math.
  • Just because I am old doesn't mean I don't still like to have fun. My favorite activities are tossing dad's socks in the air, taking a car ride, going on a walk, and napping. 
  • When I was first adopted, the lady at the agency gave me a bandanna. My mom put it on me and after a few days it fell off. I picked it up and brought it to mom to put back on. I almost always wear a bandanna. I love them!
  • My first friend's name was Deke, a handsome Rottweiler. 
  • My girl, Toni, helped pick me out and myy boy, Brent, named me. My official name is Xena--Warrior Princess.
  • I savor my treats and chewy strips. Sometimes I hide them for later and Mom finds them in funny places, like under her pillow.
  • When I was about 2, I adopted a kitten named Patches. She and I played tag and hide and seek a lot. Now we're both getting on in years, and we're more into napping. She hunts down the sunny spots near windows and I like the cool tile.
  • I met one of my sisters at the dog park once, when we were about 12. It was cool...sorta like looking in the mirror. There is something magical about sharing the same birthday with someone. Don't you think so?
  • I loved helping to raise my 3 kids. It was my job to make sure they got their exercise. We biked and walked and went swimming together. Mom and Dad and I walked a lot too. It's been a great life.

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Melissa T said...

I really liked this. When your dogs 'talk' you can actually feel their personality. You're such a good writer. Thank you for sharing this about your beautiful girl. I think she's in Doggie Heaven, hopefully playing with my little old man, Rex.

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