Monday, August 23, 2010

Doggie Daycare Works for Us

by Tanner
(c) Carrie Boyko
Whose Mom is That, Guys? 
We're sorta regulars at our doggie daycare, Bow Wow Resort. I know; I know. It sounds like a preschool for Chihuahuas, right? Trust me, there are plenty of us big boys here too. My friends Zeus and Bentley are Great Danes. They make me look like a miniature pup.  (That's me on the right and Zeus on the left; he's just a little bit bigger than me, huh?) Imagine that! I'm a 70 pounder, but these guys are about 175. They put the "big" in Big Boy.

Mom's gone on a trip and Xena, Oliver and I are here to play. We have a cool room for sleeping, an indoor play area for the little guys that can't handle the sunshine (I think Xena is in that category sometimes. She's a golden oldie!).

My favorite is the splash pool and the misters that keep us cool all around the play yard. We have shade sails and walls to jump on, toys to play with, and a long run out back for us guys that like to race. 

No rush coming home, Mom. All Things Dog Blog is on auto-pilot. We miss you, but we're having fun. Take your time.

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