Monday, August 16, 2010

Since When do Bulldogs Retrieve?

by Tanner
I guess I have to admit something today. Apparently it is not just Retrievers that can learn to retrieve stuff. At All Things Dog Blog, our Ask the Dog Trainer columnist, Judy, has trained her American Bulldog to go Fetch the newspaper. I would have bet big kibble that he couldn't learn to do that. She must be pretty good.

Seeing Judy's video of FatBoy made my mom want to work more with Oliver. He's  sorta Fetch-challenged, if you know what I mean. Of course, the biggest problem is he can't pick up most toys. He has the teenie-tiniest mouth, so he has to have special, baby-dog toys. He would have to drag to newspaper to the house; it probably weighs as much as he does.

I could pick up our newspaper, if only the paper guy would throw it into our yard. It usually lands next to the mailbox, a place I can't go because of my fence. That's not fair. I'd really like to show FatBoy that I, Tanner, am up to the task. I can Fetch big sticks, balls, floating toys in the pool, Frisbees--most anything. I need a chance to prove myself to him. I'm bummed.

I suppose if mom moved the newspaper to the yard, I could learn to retrieve it--no problem. She says that defeats the purpose. Not for me!  :(

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