Saturday, August 7, 2010

Canine Cookbook Taste Testing has Begun

by Xena, Tanner and Oliver
Today we're all three here to help mom call out the cooks. She had an idea to start putting together a cookbook for pups; you know, the kind that has dog chow ideas in it. Yes!

We're especially excited to try all the submissions, since we get to be the judges for the winners. All of your doggie recipes will be included, along with your pup's picture and your name (if you like), so let's get cooking!

Ooops! We forgot to mention the other two prizes. Sorry. We're pretty focused on the food. It's a dog thing.

Apparently this cookbook needs a name, so mom's taking ideas and the winner will get a prize too. Along with this, she'll need a great cover photo. Does your dog like to pose at the stove, wearing an apron, or stirring a pot? If not, Photoshop works for us. 

Mom's going to dig up prizes for at least 5 categories:
  • Best overall recipe
  • Best home-cooked meal recipe
  • Best treat recipe
  • Cover photo winner 
  • Cookbook title idea winner
Send your submissions of all types to We'll be collecting and testing for a while, but don't let any grass grow under your feet. Dig up those yummy recipes and send 'em in quick. We'd hate for you to miss your chance to get published.

One final thing. If you're a doggie business that would like to get some promotion, we're looking for prize donations. Anything that can be shipped will work great. We have readers all over the world, so we'll be looking for gift certificates or small, lightweight items that can be shipped relatively inexpensively. If you can donate a prize, I'd love to hear from you at the email above. We'll be sure to give you some free advertising in exchange for your generosity.

Okay, chefs, cooks, and cleanup crew; it's time to get busy cooking. We're looking for a few good recipes--chop! chop!

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