Monday, August 2, 2010

Our New Veterinarian Has Tips on Sun Protection

by Xena
I just heard about Dr. Pat's first ASK THE VET column over at All Things Dog Blog. Sounds like there are lots of dogs wearing sunglasses and needing sunscreen. Thank goodness I'm 25% Chow Chow and have a thick, black coat. Even at 14 1/2 I still have a thicker coat that Oliver or Tanner will ever have, and it's black. Well, sorta.

At my age a girl's fur can change colors a bit. I'm getting some red highlights that I prefer to think of as part of the aging process, rather than a product of being in the sun. I've taken quite a few walks in my day, so it adds up. Let's see 365 X 14 1/2 = ummmmmm... You do the math; I don't have enough toes. That's a lot of walks in the Florida sun.

If you have a thin coat or are very fair, Dr. Pat has some tips. Couldn't hurt to go check 'em out now, while you're thinking about it. It's good to take care of your appearance so you can stay as good looking as me, when you're old too. Is that modest enough?

Before I go, say hello to Hank in the photo up there. He belongs to Brian. Thanks for sharing Hank's picture, Brian. We think Hank is a hunk! LOL

(c) photo copyright Brian, full name on file for privacy

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