Friday, August 27, 2010

Help with Adoptions; Here's the Straight Scoop

by Xena
(c) Carrie Boyko
Find Your Loving Home too!
Let's face it. There's really only one important thing to making a pet adoption work. It's very simple: Love us!

Over at All Things Dog Blog Mom is turning this topic into a major thing. She makes a lot of great points, but it still comes down to love. If you really love your dog, you'll do whatever it takes to care for her, right?

I was adopted at a rescue day at one of those big pet superstores. It was really noisy and everyone was very excited. I had 7 brothers and sisters. We all got homes that day, so it ended well.

Later, I got to meet one of my sisters at the dog park one day when we were about 12. How cool is that? It was like looking in the mirror--sorta spooky!

Anyway, if you need some help making sure your own adoption goes well, my mom can help with her tips. She'll be glad to answer your questions too. Just leave your question in the comment box and she'll get back to you. Good luck with your pup.

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