Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dogs Need Boredom Busters!

by Oliver

Hide your handbags, shoes and table legs; the dogs are out to get them! (Sorry, Mom, but I couldn't help making fun of you.) I'm a toy-sized dog, weighing in at 9.5 lbs., so it's a little harder for me to relate to my mom's post about tips for renters with dogs. I couldn't do much damage to furniture, can't reach the handbags on the shelves, and my teeth aren't big enough to chew through a shoe. Well, maybe a shoe, if I had several hours to work at it.

Tanner says that he'd like to have a chance at that Coach handbag Mom mentioned in her article. That's funny, cuz she doesn't even own one. Fortunately for Mom, Tanner has learned not to chew on stuff, but there was a time, I have heard. It seems that when he was a puppy, before I came into the picture, he favored Topsiders, UNC Chapel Hill hats and hangers. Go figure! I could have made some better choices. There's just no accounting for taste sometimes.

Personally I'm a fan of mom's Busy Bones. She takes all sorts of our favorite goodies and layers them into a Kong or those hollow, sterilized Beef Bones. Then she freezes them, and it takes me an hour to work my way through from both sides. Tanner is faster than me, but that's just cuz he's so much bigger. You can find more ideas at this article.

I can't figure out which healthy ingredient is my favorite: chicken bits, cheese, organic dog food, peanut butter, chopped apples, grated carrots, kibble, chopped potatoes, or rice. Rice may sound boring to you, but Mom's organic rice if super yummy.  What's really cool is that just about the time I get bored, there's a new layer of something delicious in my Busy Bone that I hadn't expected. You guys should all tell your moms to make these for you. They're Pawsome!

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