Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free Help for Fido

by Tanner
(c) Bow Wow Resort
I hear mom talking about folks having money problems a lot these days. She says that some families have a tough time keeping their dogs, because they can't afford their food or healthcare. That's why she supports our local dog food pantry for families who need a little help. Central Florida Animal Pantry, among others, offer free food and pet supplies to families in need.

But what about health questions or assistance with training problems? Not all dogs are as perfectly well behaved as I am. "Ouch! Stop it Oliver! Just because you got your CGC doesn't mean you're the only well-behaved dog in the house."

Anyway, I just wanted to remind you that over at All Things Dog Blog you can Ask the Vet about your dog's health, and you an also get training advice from Judy, our Ask the Dog Trainer columnist. The best part is that this is all FREE. Unlike some of those ads you see on Internet pet sites, our advice is totally FREE. Write to with your questions. Happy tails! 

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