Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Rainbow Bridge Memorial is Real--at All Things Dog Blog

by Oliver
Great Lap, Dad
Mom and Dr. Pat have a dream. They want to give our readers a place to remember their pups that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. It's a beautiful place where the sun shines all day and the pups are never cold or hungry. Mom says we'll love it when we go there...just not too soon.

Now the Rainbow Bridge Memorial is a real place, just for our readers. There is beautiful music on the site, the Rainbow Bridge Story, and pictures of our readers' lost companions are beginning to appear there. I recognized some from blog posts, like Allie Woo Woo. Her story was on the Rescuing Rover column just recently.

Mom also set up a little store for dog lovers to buy dog books for their friends who have lost a dog recently. Lots of them are great for gifts to give someone who is missing their pup. Poems, novels, books for kids and adults; they've got everything at the Rainbow Bridge Resource Roundup. Stop in and visit sometime.

It's naptime for me now. I found a warm lap. Catch ya later.

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